About Our Members and Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET includes some of the most significant advancements for developers since Visual Basic 1.0. Members of our group are involved in learning about and exchanging ideas about these enhancements to our development environment and how to build solutions for our business challenges.

     Our group members help provide each other with additional detailed information on the .NET platform, including Visual Studio .NET, the .NET Framework, the .NET languages (emphasizing Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET), plus the other parts of  the Microsoft .NET platform and their related applications and technologies. This is an opportunity to learn more about the current direction of our development on the Microsoft platforms. This includes information on rapidly building high performance, Internet, scalable applications, taking component technology to the next level, moving beyond Web sites to building Web services, and tying  everything together.

These extensive enhancements to the Visual Studio development tools known as the .NET, no longer include what were called “language islands”. In Visual Studio, the Common Language Runtime (CLR) makes development “language-neutral”. Now there is much more that is common than different between the languages. Our group embraces the .NET development platform as a whole. Our group concentrates on those developers who choose Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET as their languages with which to code. The Visual C# .NET examples are of particular interest to C++ and Java developers, as well as the broadening nature of the Visual Basic developer.

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