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When Apple first introduced iPhone X, everyone was quite shocked with its price. One of the standard comments was «is it made of gold?» Well, it’s not. Or at least it wasn’t until now. Russian company Caviar thought this idea through and made numerous flagship versions. One of those is a variant with more than 300 precious stones and a meteorite-coated body. Their latest product attracted a lot of attention as they launched iPhone X Putin Golden Age! Yes, Russian President Putin. The phone is a real gem to Putin’s lovers and celebrates his victory at the Russian elections. Since he had more than 76% votes, there are no doubts many fanatics are in love with this phone.

iPhone X Putin Golden Age
Just a simple bumper case or a sticker was not enough for Caviar’s idea. They wanted to create something more so they rebuilt the whole backside! In the place where standard iPhone X has Apple’s logo, this version has Vladimir Putin’s face. Under it, there is a Russian Federation logo. The back panel is covered with 3D Kremlin and in the lowest part there is a quote in Russian which translates to «We are ready for the brightest future and we will get there».
iPhone X was already luxurious in its first version and not many people could afford it. Now, this phone takes luxury to a whole new level, making the standard version look cheap. The coating of iPhone X Putin Golden Age is made of 24K pure gold. Every aspect of it is precious, including the buttons and the rim. The phone has 76 units and they are all marked with serial numbers on the side. The meaning of these 76 units is the 76% of Putin’s voting percentage. According to Caviar, iPhone X Putin Golden Age symbolizes the unity and triumph of Russian people working and living as one team. That is what Putin himself has been saying during the campaign.
After reading its materials, you are probably wondering how expensive this phone is. Well, very expensive! The price of 64 GB model is RUB269, 000, which is over €3, 800/$4, 600. 256 GB version costs RUB284, 000, which is around €4, 000/$5, 000. You get a 1-year warranty and one thing for free – the delivery! How generous.

Caviar really loves Putin
iPhone X Putin Golden Age is not the only luxurious model of the company. In fact, they launched several models inspired by Putin in the past.
The first one was iPhone 5 Supremo Putin launched at the cost of €3, 125/$3, 850. This phone came as a part of a special edition, produced in only 144 copies. It was released in June 2015 and all the models were sold within a few days.
Another one was iPhone 6S Gold Supreme Putin Anniversary the same year at the cost of €2, 590/$3193 USD.
The most expensive of this list comes from 2016 and was Samsung S7. More precisely The Caviar Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino which costs approximately €21, 914/$27, 000.
Next one, surprisingly, was Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin at the cost of €1, 370/$1690.
To show they love Donald Trump as well, Caviar released a Putin-Trump Nokia 3310! With both of their faces engraved on the back, The Caviar Nokia 3310 Putin-Trump Summit commemorates their meeting at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg.
As for other models, they have many in their carousel. From the most luxurious, to most innovative and technology-oriented.
Let’s see some of them!

iPhone X Imperial Crown
Another phone for Russian patriots, iPhone X Imperial Crown is made of a golden coat and has more than 300 engraved precious stones. The back has 344 different-sized diamonds and a line of 14 large rubies. Like that wasn’t enough, the two-headed eagle is also made of the golden plaque.
The 64 GB version costs RUB2, 4 million, or €34, 200.
iPhone X Tesla
To prove they aren’t just making phones for the aesthetics, Caviar released the iPhone X Tesla, a phone with a solar panel placed on the back. Namely, this phone does something really amazing – charges the device through the sunlight! According to the executives, all you need to do is lay your phone on its face and the solar panel on the back will collect enough sunlight to keep your phone charged. The body of iPhone X Tesla has a shockproof plate and PDV coating. It also has a golden plate next to its camera to add an extra touch of luxury because Caviar cannot just go without it.
They also added a titanium body instead of glass and placed 24K gold rims around the camera bump and the back edges.
The phone was inspired by Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. However, knowing them, we highly doubt any of the mentioned men would buy a phone like this.
Finally, the price. As you could expect, it’s expensive. 64 GB versions costs RUB259, 000 or €3, 605/ Euro$4, 445 while 256 GB version costs RUB274, 000 or €3, 812/$4, 700.

Supremo Trump Changeover
We saw iPhone X Putin Golden Age and where there is Putin, there is Trump! Caviar created a phone for the US President as well but it wasn’t iPhone X. This creation took place before its release so they gifted him an iPhone 7 at the time of his victory in 2016.
At the time, Caviar released this device as one of the Supremo series models. It included influencing personalities and, in fact, had another model of Vladimir Putin back in the days. It might be strange for a luxurious company from Russia to launch products with American president but this one symbolized the hope for the unity of these two powerful countries.
iPhone 7 Supremo Trump Changeover was covered with gold and had the portrait of Trump on the back as well as the Great Seal of the United States. Under Trump’s name in the lower part of the back was the slogan of his company «Make America Great Again».
If there is something we learned from this article is that iPhone X actually can be more expensive. If I owned any of the models listed above, I would be too concerned and cautious not to drop or lose it. It would be very distracting, in fact. Only because of that (yes, right) I will just stick with my standard, «cheap» iPhone X.
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