Special gifts for women

In situations where you don’t want to give a Burger King gift card, but are looking for something special, our article may come in handy. Here you will find great options for special gifts for women.

Pink flamingo umbrella

A beautiful gift from an Italian premium brand that knows how to make only beautiful and elegant things. The company was founded by a young woman, Ernesta Pasotti, so Pasotti knows exactly what kind of umbrella a girl needs. She is sure to appreciate the stylish design of the Italian company, the stunning quality of fabric and elegant handle in the form of a flamingo. Despite the name of the umbrella, the future owner will not be embarrassed by the abundance of pink – it is only a flower on the inside of the dome.

Pink flamingo umbrella will go perfectly to its future owner: it leaves a feeling of elegance, but thanks to the steel axis and quality materials the umbrella will withstand even the most terrible downpour. It is not about that case when some thing is beautiful, but absolutely useless. Pink flamingo umbrella is not only more beautiful but also more practical than most of its analogues.

Ladies Watch 

Balmain is a classic French haute couture house, whose clients were a bunch of celebrities, from Sophia Loren to Jean-Paul Belmondo, from Katharine Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot and many others. Then the brand extended its assortment to perfumes and accessories and in 1987 Balmain made a collaboration with a famous Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch Group. One of the successful fruits of this union was this Chrono Lady watch.

Like every Balmain product, the Chrono Lady is the ultimate in sophistication and refined chic. The watch boasts the sapphire crystal, the dial plate instructed with diamonds and a stainless steel bracelet. And yet the Chrono Lady is not just an expensive trinket that also tells the time. It combines the accuracy of Swiss watches with a water resistance to a depth of 50 meters, so you do not have to worry about getting water on the watch, or vice versa, the watch in the water. In any case, the Swiss reliable and French refined watch will serve its owner for many years to come!

The diary

If you want to give a present to a girl determined to succeed, who knows what she wants from life and has a lot of plans to arrange and fix somewhere, then the diary is for her! Pages of the diary are impregnated with the smell of lavender fields, nice cover is made of leather, and the diary itself has a huge number of different chips, among them:

  1. success stickers;
  2. money envelope;
  3. dividers with a photo of lavender fields and motivational phrases;
  4. a chart of useful habits;
  5. “my thoughts,” “my goals,” “my appointments,” “income-expenses” section;
  6. a spread with visualization;
  7. wooden gift wrap, satin ribbons, dried lavender flowers, wooden greeting inscriptions inside the box.

The diary smells nice, feels nice to the touch and looks nice. And thanks to its filling it would be a great choice as a gift for a girl. If you want to choose a different gift, you should use the Giftcards market. Here you are sure to find a lot of great versatile gifts that will be a great solution for your woman.

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