The secrets of professional players in CS GO

If you love playing CS GO and want to become a professional, it’s important for you to learn some techniques and tips. This will help you improve your skills and develop to outperform all your opponents. In this article, we’ll name a few key points you should work through so that the game will bring you more fun and serious results. If you don’t want to stagnate, but want to develop, follow our recommendations. You can also find a lot of great products for the game at It has everything you need to make your game more interesting and attractive.

Don’t be afraid to fail

This has a lot to do with myelin, but deserves its own part. When playing an important match, you are balancing the game between your passivity and aggressiveness. However, when you are playing a mix server or just practicing, it is also important to load the signals running through your nervous system as much as possible by training yourself for different situations. If you’re used to 2 encounters per minute when playing CS and you play for, say, 20 hours a week, you have 2400 confrontations per week. However, a player who is aggressive and who has 10 confrontations per minute ends up with over 600’000 confrontations per year.  

Who do you think will be the better player a year from now? It’s not just about how aggressive your style of play is, it’s also about how varied you are; your ability to improvise with new positions, new ways to attack, new grenade tricks, etc. You don’t have to worry about the losses you get, because you will only become stronger in difficult matches.

A strong environment

This seems like an obvious factor, but it’s important to mention. Great players surround themselves with equally professional players, this is the only way to keep your strength and develop yourself further. If you are looking for a team it is very important that it has the following set of qualities, but not limited to them: Maturity, Thirst for Development, and most importantly the Ability to Give and Receive Constructive Criticism. You won’t get a strong team by changing the lineup every week; so be humble and willing to stick with that lineup for a while. Arrogant players won’t last long, and they won’t be welcome on other teams either.


Long gone are the days when your computer configuration didn’t matter much. All that marketing still promotes all kinds of useless garbage. This garbage includes but is not limited to a 5040 DPI mouse, the latest GeForce video card, crazy garbage like 7.1 speakers (and then people complain that the game is expensive. That doesn’t mean you can play fine on a junk setup, but as long as your graphics flow nicely, you don’t suffer ear pain from horribly crafted and tuned headphones, you don’t have to worry. However, fine-tuning is required regarding the network, graphics, and sound settings of the game. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so here are a few common topics that most players are familiar with:

  • Network settings – Rates, Interp values, your ping, etc.
  • Graphics – brightness of dark places, removal of distracting elements (HDR, volumetric light, etc.), shadows enabled.
  • Sound – quality, hardware acceleration (doesn’t need any special explanation, just making sure that everything is set the best way, since sound doesn’t affect FPS)

If you follow our advice, very soon your skills will be better. Also worth mentioning is, which offers a number of interesting products that will add variety to your game. In this way you will be able to get some really good results.

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