In strength sports and bodybuilding, growth hormone is used to quickly gain high-quality muscle mass, increase body relief, increase strength and endurance. All this allows you to achieve maximum results in competitions.

Growth injections promote the somatic and skeletal development of cells, accelerate the metabolism of the digestive system, and regenerate the body after intense training and injury.

Somatropin is truly a “golden” and safe drug with excellent properties both for people who need it for medical reasons and for athletes. It is also prescribed for children with developmental disorders of the musculoskeletal system. If you decide to buy a course of artificial growth hormone to increase muscle mass, we will be happy to help you:

  1. We will recommend you the optimal growth hormone in terms of characteristics and price. On our site, drugs from trusted manufacturers are presented. We are personally responsible for their quality. Detailed information on the website: https://theroids.ws/teratropin-hgh-teragon-labs/
  2. We will provide detailed advice and write out a course of injections for muscle growth, which will solve your problem.

In order for the growth medicine to bring maximum benefit, you should adhere to the basic rules. All of them are listed below. If you have any additional questions, be sure to call the manager of our store (me) at the phone numbers listed on the website. Consultations are free.


If stored incorrectly, the drug will simply “die”, that is, it will lose its properties. It is very important to follow the rules for storing both undiluted powder and already prepared growth hormone solution:

  • Sealed, not dissolved in water for injection, growth hormone must be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. A modern synthetic preparation of STH easily tolerates a short storage time (up to a week) at higher temperatures. But the refrigerator is the preferred place for it.
  • We store the growth hormone already prepared for injections only in the refrigerator. If germicidal water is used to reconstitute the product, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. When diluting somatropin with ordinary water for injection, the shelf life of the prepared drug is 2-3 days, again only in the refrigerator.

At higher temperatures, the finished solution quickly loses its properties.


The cost of growth hormone is considerable, so I want to squeeze everything possible out of it. Therefore, it is also necessary to prepare the solution for injection correctly. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • We collect the required volume of water for injection into the syringe.
  • We introduce the needle of the syringe at an angle of 45 degrees into the rubber lid of the jar with the growth hormone powder and slowly, along the side of the barrel, pour water for injection there so that water and splashes do not fall on the somatropin powder itself .
  • We leave the keg for 5-10 minutes, and the solution will prepare itself. Or, to speed up the process, we slowly rotate the bottle, mixing the liquid with the powder (in no case do we shake it).

The growth hormone injection drug is ready!


It is also advisable to launch the solution with somatropin into the body correctly. For this:

  1. We collect the required amount of the drug in an insulin syringe. For example, if there is 10ME of growth hormone in a bottle (IU is the international unit), then, dissolving it in 1ml of water, we get 1IU of growth hormone in 10 divisions of an insulin syringe per 100 divisions.
  2. Choosing an injection site. Optimally – the area on the abdomen, 5-8 cm to the right or left of the navel.
  3. We pinch the injection site with our fingers and make a convex fold.
  4. At an angle of 45 degrees, we insert the syringe needle into it directly into the fatty layer. There GH is well absorbed and quickly enters the bloodstream.
  5. Slowly inject the growth hormone medication, hold the needle for 3-4 seconds and remove the syringe – it’s done.

Of course, don’t forget about sterility!


The optimal dosage for an athlete is 5 IU of recombinant growth hormone per day. Onaa will give you excellent results in achieving heights for any sport and will allow taking growth hormone to flow and a long time without causing the body’s resistance to the drug. Of course, the results from a dosage of 10 IU per day will be simply irresistible. Especially in the field of bodybuilding and powerlifting. But if a drug of a low degree of purification is chosen, the body’s addiction to somatropin quickly manifests itself – the effectiveness of the course at a greater cost will fall. More details: https://theroids.ws/

For dosages above 5 IU of bone and muscle growth hormone, it is better to use purer drugs: Jintropin , Ansomon . As practice shows now, the new drug Genopharm also has a good degree of purification , which is much more pleasant at a price.

If you plan to use growth hormone for drying, low dosages of 2-3 units per day are enough.

After an injection of growth hormone, the peak level of somatropin in the blood occurs after 3-4 hours. At this time, it is better to take a test for STH: to be sure in using a quality drug or just to monitor its level in the blood during the course. After 4 hours, the concentration of GH will begin to drop slowly. The period of its decrease is up to 8-10 hours. Therefore, it is better to divide the daily dosage into two injections. This will allow to maintain the desired level of drug in the flow and the day.

The best time to take is when your blood sugar is low, that is, in the morning on an empty stomach and after or during exercise. If it’s a day without training, a couple of hours after lunch.

The best results are observed with a course duration of 3 to 6 months.

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