Gift card VS traditional gift

Often before a New Year’s Eve or a visit to a birthday party, we are tormented by the choice: what to present to impress and delight the recipient, but not to hit the pocket of the giver?

That is, from the bottom of our hearts we would certainly like to give a gift to a friend in the form of an ocean liner or a live elephant, but we need to be realistic. Fortunately, we live in the XXI century, and civilization itself has given us a solution to this problem: gift certificates. For those who have not yet had time to appreciate all their advantages, we have prepared a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of gifts.

Gift cards


  • Originality: the birthday boy will surely appreciate your fantasy!
  • Versatility: regardless of the recipient’s age and case, there is a suitable option.
  • Convenience: the recipient chooses the date himself, such a gift will not break plans.
  • Suitability: certificates for many impressions can be presented as a gift to the manager, and business partner, and a close friend, and a man, and a woman.
  • Mobility: you can buy a certificate in one city, and give it in another, even to the recipient for a thousand miles from you.
  • Receipt speed: in urgent cases, when a gift is needed urgently, the electronic gift certificates come to the specified e-mail address immediately after payment.
  • Ease of purchase: no need to go shopping and stand in queues, just place an order and get your gift certificates from the comfort of your home.
  • Availability: Most gift vouchers are comparable in price to a bouquet of flowers, and cheaper than elite alcohol, which is also often given.
  • Memorability: new emotions and experiences are sure to be remembered! Especially when it comes to extreme gifts.
  • Long-life: at least a few months, or even a few years.
  • Double joy: the gift certificate brings positive emotions at the moment of delivery and when using the service.

Ideal choice – special offer from we will help you to guess the choice, because we offer gift vouchers from different companies, and the recipient decides for himself which of the impressions he wants to get. 


  • You get used to the good quickly: having discovered the world of gifts and impressions, it is difficult to resist and buy a gift only for the birthday boy. Although, to please yourself, your beloved – it’s a real plus!
  • The need to choose only proven gift certificate stores, so as not to make the wrong choice.  

Traditional gifts


  • If you guess with a gift, it can delight for many years and all this time remind about you.
  • It is possible to choose something practical, and thus to show care.
  • Ideal for the older generation: Old people do not always approve of progress.


  • Be sure to guess with the gift, otherwise you can’t avoid embarrassment.
  • Things take up space, are covered with dust and do not always fit into the interior.
  • It takes a lot of time to search and buy, because not always in online stores the description of the product allows you to make a full picture of it.
  • If there are no ideas, the choice of a gift turns into flour.
  • Not always convenient transportation: often things are fragile or not too compact, and when the birthday boy is not visible under a heap of packages, it is not always good, though very funny.

Of course, each kind of gift has many other nuances, but we mentioned the basics. In any case, you should look at the gift cards, so from the company Here you will find many different options that can be the best solution in different situations.

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