How to develop your Instagram account

You posted some cool photos or videos on the Insta. Next you’re waiting for likes, comments, new subscribers. The worst and the most frequent are very, very few. That’s familiar to a lot of people. There is one main problem with promotion in Instagram. It is that a lot of cool content is posted, which nobody knows about. Or knows a small number of existing subscribers, who are unable to share them effectively for full promotion. To reach a wider audience, it is necessary to promote cool content. 

This is especially important for business, only a small share of business today effectively sells at Instagram. Look at the analysis data of 44,932 business files in Instagram and more than 8.9 million posts in the period from January 1 to September 30, 2018. Distribution of accounts by number of Instagram subscribers. It is clear from the data obtained that the majority of accounts have less than 100 thousand subscribers. However, 4.1% of businesses have more than 1 million subscribers, and 0.6% have more than 10 million subscribers. Do you really want to be among them? For this purpose it is better to apply for help to the company But in this article we will give some good tips to help you develop your account yourself.

Use an advantage

Instagram has turned from an entertainment social network into an effective marketing tool. Young audience actively seeks and interacts with brands directly in social network. 51% of milleniums enjoy their favorite brands in Instagram. In this section we will tell you how to properly present your brand. In Instagram it is very popular to bark, comment and share interesting content with your audience. Moreover, many people buy products or follow links from the page of profiles to external sites.

Navigation of the Instals application allows users to flip through their ribbons smoothly, which makes user involvement more than in other social media. On average, users buy products when they come into contact with a brand about 7 times. Instagram is a great place to show your customers several times. What do you think of the information that more than 60% of users are ready to buy from the brands they subscribe to in the social media. And the percentage of users’ involvement in Instagram is the highest compared to other social networks.

Percentage of using social networks to subscribe to a brand. Instagram users have a user engagement rate of 2.2%, for example, Facebook is only 0.2%. If your business is looking for new customers, this is a great place to attract new customers.

The uniqueness of your brand

The business page should be different from your personal account. Focus on your audience’s wishes rather than personal preferences. Travel photos, selfies are clearly not for a business account. You need to create content that meets your audience’s needs. The business focus of a page does not mean that it should focus only on products and offers. 75% of purchase decisions are based on emotions and only 25% on logic. Therefore it is important to combine product offerings with entertainment content. For example, Red Bull does not place beverage products on its page at all. Polaroid mixes high quality photos with their products on their page.

It is difficult for big brands to keep one page for all their huge audience. So the best method is to study the preferences of their audience and adjust to their mood. Don’t do what everyone does, it’s better to create something unique. In the end, you will have the opportunity to attract the target audience to your account and keep their attention. 

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